Estimates, Claim Appraisals & Inspections

"In Pursuit of Fairness & Accuracy" 


Too many cases - not enough time? Complicated Cases?


Have multiple estimates from the carrier, PA and  the contractor? Let us help you to reconcile and analyze the discrepancies to facilitate the proper demand amount.


Claim appraisal is also available. 


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Your insurance project being stonewalled?

Desk adjuster not returning your calls?


We provide claim appraisal services to resolve issues of price and scope. 


Need help with estimates? Overwhelmed with supplements? We have supplement/invoicing specialists to solve these problems. 




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Insurance Carriers

Overwhelmed with with your volume of disputed claim estimates? Use our licensed construction building contractors to provide a comparable estimate. 


Combined 25,000 claims and 100 years of experience! Accurate and detailed xactime estimates!


Reconciliation of contractor and public adjuster estimates including policy holder expectations to facilitate claim settlement.


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