SClaim Consultants LLC

S3 Claim Consultants offers the following services that benefit many insurance claim service providers including lawyers, restoration contractors and public adjusters:

Attorney Benefits

Too many cases?


Not enough time in the day?


We can help with Time Management by reducing your case involvement.


Complicated Cases? We can save you time and aggravation.  We provide expert insight from the prospective of general contractors, architects, and insurance adjusters. We take the estimates from the insurance carrier, contractor, public adjuster and provide a spreadsheet analysis to compare the different estimates, and identify the major differences in the estimates. We identify and advise as the areas of negotiation.


  • Reduce your time analyzing the estimates

  • Increase your fee by focusing on high value use of your time

  • Reduce frustrations and let us do the heavy lifting


Case file count too high? We can help you settle some of those troubling cases and help reduce your file load by using out team of property & causulty appraisers to speed up the claim closure. 

Contractor Benefits

Estimates & Supplement Invoicing:

Too often you are speaking with a claim adjuster who lacks the knowledge, authority and, or willingness to resolve the issues between the carrier and your company's estimate. We have the knowledge and expertise of over 30,000 claims handled.


We know the finer details of Xactimate, the proper usage and interpretation of the building codes to your advantage (more profit), and the inside track of how the desk adjusters think and what constraints that are placed upon them and how to get around these road blocks.



Most insurance policies provide an insurance appraisal clause that allows the property owner to invoke a “demand for appraisal” when a conflict over the value or scope occurs. The property owner hires an independent insurance appraiser to determine the value and scope of the insurance claim. The insurance company will also hire an appraiser of its own. Next the independent appraiser and insurance company appraiser select and agree on a neutral umpire who will act as a judge in the event the two appraisers cannot agree on certain valuations.


The appraiser process overcomes the stumbling block of uncooperative desk or field adjusters.

Our vast experience in construction and insurance claims provides us with the insight to resolve the claim. We are committed to upholding the property owner’s rights as a consumer throughout the appraisal process and you can proceed to get the project built, completed and get paid.

Insurance Carriers

We can solve your disputed claim problem files with accurate and factual Xactimate  estimates. 


We can reconcile the differences between your field adjuster's estimate and the contractor or public adjusters estimate, and help to manage the policy holder's expectations to facilitate claim settlement. 


With a combined experience of over 25,000 claims and 100 years of experience we can close the coverage A, and coverage B portion of the claim. Our emphasis is on fair claim limits and the claim stays closed.


In addition to comparable estimates we also offer claim appraisal and umpire services.